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Reporter's notebooks, leather jotters, notebook covers or journalist notepads are great for news stories or to take notes and news conferences. Your blank and ruled leather notebooks are small enough for reporters to fit in their pockets or purses while the covers keep your information safe. Have a reporters notebook personalized for the journalist in your life; with their initials or name on the cover.

News Leather Notebooks Leather Journalist Pocket Notepad Leather Reporters Notebook Cover Red Full Grain Leather Pocket Jotter
News Leather Notebooks
Item # RSNSC332-0
Leather Journalist Pocket Notepad
Item # RSNSC364-0
Leather Reporters Notebook Cover
Item # RSNSC553-0
Mini Full-Grain Leather Pocket Jotters
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Reporters Paper Journal and Notebook Faux Leather Diary Reporters Leather Bound Journals Black Leather Reporters Notepads
Reporters Paper Journal Notebook
Spiral Paper Journals and Notebooks
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Faux Leather Diary
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Leather Bound Journals
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Black Leather Notepads
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Premium Leather Journal Notebook Blue and Black Leather Journalist Pad Leather Wallet Pocket Notepad Reporters Colored Leather Jotters
Premium Leather Journals
Item # RSNSC264-0
Leather Journalist Pad
Item # RSNSC1258-7
Leather Wallet Pocket Notepads
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Leather Jotters
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Journalist Reporter Notebook Faux Leather Reporter's Notebook Ruled Large Reporter Notebook
Journalist Notebook - New!
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Faux Leather Reporter's Notebook - New!
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Large Reporter Notebook - New!
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